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Sigal Erez was born to a Moroccan/Spanish/Jewish family. She has traveled extensively around the world and speaks four languages. Her very vivid imagination and creative vision are her strengths. From a very young age, Sigal always said she would one day own a studio, write and direct great movies.

She completed the full program at Lee Strasberg New York, and later was accepted to a master program in screenwriting at UCLA's acclaimed Writer's Program. As a newcomer in Los Angeles, she landed roles of many nationalities, including television shows such as Santa Barbara, Star Trek, a lead in a pilot called DEA, and others. Sigal also scored the lead role in two feature films that were shelved and never made. ("Shape Shifter", "Arrive Alive")

Although she is very skillful at acting, improvisation, and can do a variety of international accents, her main passion is story telling. She believes creativity is a platform that can raise the level of consciousness in the world.

In 2000, Sigal's screenplay "Across The Line" was produced into a motion picture starring Brad Johnson. Sigal played the lead role of Miranda, winning acclaimed reviews. She was invited as a special guest to speak at Texas A&M University. Distributed by Lion's Gate, the film won the Silver Award at the Houston Film Festival and Best Film at Texas A&M. In 2017, the film received a new distribution deal with all the major networks.

Sigal also worked as a television writer and created 13 episodes for a TV drama called "Hotel San Miguel" for Televisa, under renowned writer and show runner, Sabina Berman.

The screenplay "The Battle of Evermore" she co-wrote with Martin Spottl, which advanced to the semi-finals at the prestigious Nichol's Fellowship. Sigal was hired to write creative proposals that led to successful ventures.

In addition to screenplays, Sigal writes lyrics and poetry. She has a charismatic personality and an ability to captivate an audience. In 2000, Sigal was asked to host a music festival with Mark Brown at the Hollywood Bowl, and to co-host the opening of a Latin theater event with Colombian film star Rodrigo Obregon.

She is the daughter of a Merchant Marine who became a Rabbi, from whom she learned to appreciate the deeper meaning held within the Bible and its teachings. Often, she holds spiritual gatherings and teachings at her home by the beach. Sigal is a mother, and her greatest accomplishment is being a mother.

In 2018, Sigal wrote, directed, and produced a film titled "What's Your Number", about the unlikely friendship between a holocaust survivor and an African-American boy. The film has been accepted to many festivals, and it won many awards including the Best Film Award at the Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival, and the Social Impact Award at the Marina Del Ray Film Festival. "What's Your Number?" also won multiple awards at South Cinematographic Academy Film & Arts, including Best Lead Actor In A Short Film, Best Young Actor In A Feature Film, and Best Costume Design In A Short Film.

In 2021, Sigal's strongest focus is on all new projects as a writer/director.

I N  D E V E L O P M E N T

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HIGH WATER FILMS is a film production company founded in 2000 by Sigal Erez and Martin Spottl. HWF is based in Los Angeles. Within six months, HWF produced their first successful feature film, ACROSS THE LINE. Due to its relevant message, the film is back in distribution on Amazon Prime with over 3 million views.


In 2018, HWF produced a live action drama, WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? The film WYN is currently in the festival circuit and has won numerous awards. HWF owns screenplays, treatments and material in all genres, ranging from animation to action, with a strong emphasis on social conscious stories and thrillers. HWF focuses on high-quality, low-budget independent projects, and believes in collaboration and joint ownership. As a company, they strive to keep up with trends in the current market and have a clear understanding of the future of media: streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple TV+.


Our goal is to make films that are profitable, profound and entertaining! We believe that films have the ability to raise the level of consciousness in the world.

With passion of expression, purpose, wisdom and knowledge, we tell diverse stories about the human experience thereby engaging audiences emotionally

and intellectually. Films bring people from all walks of life to a shared experience, naturally peeling off their assumptions and preconceived notions which creates unity.





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