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Sigal Erez

Highwater Films Creator

Writer, Director, Actor


"Sigal Erez is a master story teller."

-Elizebeth Much

"Sigal is a multi-talented, very creative & unique individual, & an excellent writer & actress."

-Hope Arthur

"Working with Sigal is a special experience because of her talent, vision & her ability to have a great atmosphere on set."

-Daron Keet

A Bit About Sigal

Sigal is a multi-talented force in the world of filmmaking, breaking boundaries and redefining what's possible. With a natural gift for storytelling and an unwavering belief in the potential of women in the industry, she has taken on multiple roles in her quest to bring compelling narratives to life. She recognizes that the road to success is often paved with doubters and naysayers, but Sigal embraces the challenge.

Her journey is defined by a hands-on approach. While she respects traditional education, Sigal has found that making films is the best teacher. She learns by doing, proving herself through action, and surrounding herself with experts in various departments.

Sigal's projects are marked by excellence, and she isn't afraid to delegate power to talented individuals. Collaboration is at the hear of her process, enabling her to focus on her creative vision.


She's passionate about creating compelling stories, from scriptwriting to assembling a dedicated team. In post-production, she works with the best in the business, ensuring her vision comes to life. Sigal's journey is an inspiring behind-the-scenes look at how she embarks on making movies, emphasizing passion, creativity, collaboration, and an unyielding commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of film.

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