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Produced Projects

Serial Beauty Written by Sigal Erez

Serial Beauty - 2023 Thriller Film

Written, Directed, Produced - Sigal Erez

Angelenos are horrified by a serial killer who targets beautiful women and poses their bodies in exquisite tableaus. Without any leads in a dead end of clues, LAPD brings back two detectives who find mystical subtexts that lead to the unlikely killer.

What's Your Number? 2018 Short Film

Written, Directed, Produced - Sigal Erez

The story of an unlikely friendship between a Holocaust survivor and a young African-American boy.

Available worldwide on WeShort.

What's Your Number by Sigal Erez
LA Dreaming by Sigal Erez

LA Dreaming - 2019 Short Film

Written and Directed - Sigal Erez

A magical backpack takes two young boys to explore Los Angeles before the development of social media.

Across The Line - 2000

Border Thriller Film

Written, Co-produced, Actor - Sigal Erez

Small-town sheriff Grant Johnson, heads an inquiry into a series of killings on the Texas Border. During the investigation of the murders and the surrounding corruption, he falls in love with the key witness, Miranda, an illegal immigrant.

Distributed by Indie Rights. Available to view on Indie Rights, Amazon, Tubi, Roku, YouTube, GooglePlay.

Sigal Erez owns the rights to this film - a proposal for a sequel is available.

Across The Line Film
Judy Whitmore Music Video

Music Videos for Judy Whitmore

Written and Directed - Sigal Erez

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