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everyone is a story.

An international house of creatives and professionals in entertainment.

Stories for all. About all. 

about HIGHWATERfilms

We are a film production company founded in 2000 by Sigal Erez and Martin Spottl. We are based in Los Angeles with a team from around the world.  Within six months, HWF produced their first successful feature film, ACROSS THE LINE. Due to its relevant message and recent 3 million views, the film is back in distribution on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Roku, Tubi, +  


HWF owns screenplays, treatments and material in all genres. Our content is made with a strong emphasis on socially-conscious stories. HWF focuses on high-quality, low-budget independent projects, and believes in collaboration and collective ownership. As a company, we strive to create our own trends in the market and grow with an understanding of the future of media.


We are here to make films and TV that can offer smart entertainment to stimulate our minds. We believe that films have the ability to raise levels of consciousness in viewers around the globe.

With passion for expression, purpose, wisdom and knowledge, we tell diverse stories about the HUMANITY. Films bring all walks of life to a shared experience, naturally peeling off judgment and preconceived notions that divide us. 

All material are protected under copyright and exclusively owned by High Water Films.

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